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Vintage Tyre Trims For Sale

Order from our range of Atlas whitewall tyre trims available at Veteran and Vintage Spares and Repairs. We have a huge range of Vintage Atlas whitewall tyre trims for sale in a variety of sizes and styles.

Browse our selection of White Banded Radial Tyres below or browse our PDF with the full range of tyres

  • 14” White band 1/2” wide c/w 1” wide black spacer
  • 15” White band 3/4” wide c/w 1” wide black spacer
  • 8” Scooter (1-1/16” [27mm])
  • 10” Scooter/Car (1-3/8” [35mm])
  • 12” Standard (1-1/2” [38mm])
  • 13” 165MR Special (1-3/4” [45mm])
  • 14” Standard (1-7/8” [48mm])
  • 15” Standard (1-11/16” [43mm])
  • 16” Standard (1-3/4” [45mm])
  • 15” Superwide (3” [75mm])
  • 16” Superwide (3” [75mm])

Contact us now, to order any of the above tyres

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