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Radial Tyres For Sale

Order from our range of Black Radial Tyres available at Veteran and Vintage Spares and Repairs. We have a huge range of vintage car tyres for sale in a variety of sizes and styles.

All of the tyres in this selection are of 80/82 series  and can be used as an alternative to the original Beaded edge tyres. It is recommended that you ring first for advice on the correct tyre.

View our list of Black Radial Tyres below or browse our  PDF for the full range of tyres.

  • 145R10” Cheng Shin CR966 74N black
  • 125R12” Cinturato CN54 62S tubed-type black
  • 155/80R12” Maxxis MA-701 77T black
  • 155/80R13” Hifly HF201 79T black
  • 165/80R13” Maxxis MA-P1 83T black
  • 175R13” Maxxis MA-703 86S black
  • 145/80R14” Bridgestone B381 76T tbls black
  • 155/80R14” Nankang CX668 81T steel-belted tbls black
  • 155R14” Firestone F-560 k-rib tbls black
  • 165R14”C Hankook RA08 8-ply 97/95Q tbls black
  • 165R14” Vredestein Sprint Classic 84H tbls black
  • 175R14” Hankook RA08 8-ply 99/98Q tbls black
  • 175R14” Vredestein Sprint Classic 87H tbls black
  • 175/80R14” Maxxis MA-701 88T black
  • 185/80R14” Maxxis MA-701 91T black
  • 185R14” Vredestein Sprint Classic 90H tbls black
  • 195R14” Hankook RA08 8-ply 106/104Q tbls black
  • 205R14” Hankook RA08 8-ply 109/107Q tbls black
  • 125R15” Firestone F-560 68S tbls black
  • 155R15” Toyo 310 82S s/b tbls black
  • 155R15” Vredestein Sprint Classic 82S tbls black
  • 165/80R15” Maxxis MA-701 87T black
  • 185/80R15” Hankook Optimo K715 93T black
  • 185/R15” Vredestein Sprint Classic 91H tbls black
  • 185R15” Dunlop SP Sport 91V tbls black
  • 185R15” Avon Turbosteel ACR3B 93V tbls black
  • 205R15” Avon Turbospeed Textile ACR3B 97V tbls black
  • 175R16”C Austone Taxi CSR81 98/96Q 6PR tbls black
  • 185R16” Avon Turbosteel ACR60 93V tbls black
  • the following black tyres are 75-series profile:
  • 185/75R16” Kuhmo 856 104/102Q (LT-8PR) black
  • the following are 70 series:
  • 165/70R10” Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet tbls black
  • 165/70R10” Dunlop R7 (Race/eventing) tbls black
  • 155/70R13” Hifly HF201 75T black
  • 165/70R13” Hifly HF201 79T black
  • 175/70R13” Hifly HF201 82T black
  • 185/70R13” Hifly HF201 86H black
  • 165/70R14” Hifly HF201 81T black
  • 175/70R14” Hifly HF201 84T black
  • 185/70R14” Hifly HF201 88H black
  • 195/70R14” Hifly HF201 91H black
  • 205/70R14” Hifly HF201 95H black
  • 185/70R15” Vredstein Sprint Classic 89H black
  • 185/70R15” Michelin XWX 88H black
  • 205/70R15” Hifly HF201 96H black
  • 215/70R15” Hifly HF201 98H black
  • ER70VR15” (aka 205/70R15”) Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet 93V black
  • 205/70R15” Avon Turbosteel CR6-ZZ 93V black
  • 220/65VR390 Avon Turbospeed CR39 97V tbls black (Jaguar TD rim)
  • 230/55ZR390 Dunlop SP2000E tbls black (BMW TD rim)
  • 255/55R17” Avon Turbosteel CR228D 102W tubeless black (RR-B)
  • 205/60R13” Falken 912 86H tbls black

Contact us now, to order any of the above tyres.

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