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Veteran and Vintage take care of everything you may need for your vintage car and classic car needs. From car tyres to carburettors we supply a variety of classic car auto parts to our customers. Every car deserves to be repaired by an expert – Veteran & Vintage are those experts.

The team at Veteran & Vintage have been passionate about vintage cars since childhood and began restoring in the 1960s.The business has been operating for over 40 years – they know it all when it comes to classic car parts, car tyres for your classic car and classic car accessories.

For the best vintage car parts and classic tyres, come to Veteran & Vintage. We stock and import cross-ply and other antique tyres for your classic car. All classic car lovers know that the right tyres are essential for authenticity. We have a range of brands for your classic car – and classic tyre types from all the big manufacturers of the time.

If we can’t find the classic car parts you need, they’re simply not available. But don’t worry, we’ll make them ourselves, so that your classic and vintage cars are authentic and in the best possible condition.

Plus, Veteran & Vintage is your one-stop-shop for Model A and Model T Fords. Classic car parts for your old cars – classic tyres and all kinds of repairs and restoration. Whether you are part of a vintage car club or making your first vintage purchase. Veteran and Vintage have you covered.

To get loving repairs to your old car and classic car parts and tyres, talk to Veteran & Vintage

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Classic Cars

Ford Model T

Tin Lizzie is the car that made driving affordable: Henry Ford called it the universal car and really believed that once people could get the Ford Model T for sale there wouldn’t need to be any further development for cars. Ford considered the Model T car the perfect automobile – and we agree! more...

Ford Model A

If you’ve recently found a Ford Model A for sale and are wondering how to repair it, we can find the parts you need. We stock many parts for the Ford Model A for sale, and regularly import for our clients. more...

Vintage Tires

As long-time members of a Vintage Car Club, the owners of Veteran & Vintage love seeing beautiful authentic classic cars looking their best. To make your classic car look fantastic, you need the right vintage tyres – like the cross-ply tyres that manufacturers no longer make. more...